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Virtual Library Orientation: D'Angelo Library Basics

Welcome to the KCU Libraries!

Welcome to the D'Angelo Library

Welcome to the D'Angelo Library!

This will be your introduction to the D'Angelo Library resources. It is not a comprehensive list but serves as a quick guide to essential resources and library services.

We always want your feedback!  To suggest additions, corrections, or changes to the content of the this guide, please email the D'Angelo Library at

Our Collections

The Library's collections include:

  • E-books, e-journals, research databases, online videos and other electronic resources.
  • Print books and periodicals, flash cards, study guides, audiobooks, and DVDs.
  • A Special Collections room featuring medical and osteopathic literature that dates from Ancient Egypt to the 20th century.
  • A digital archive documenting the history of the university and of osteopathic medicine. 
  • An anatomical model collection.

Search the collections in our online catalog.

Study Spaces in the Library

There are 18 computers available in the library for use. There are 14 located on the first floor, and 4 on the second floor. 

We also have 5 study rooms which can be checked out at the front desk (two on the first floor and three on the second). Each room is equipped with: flat screen TVs which are Apple TV enabled, have VGA hook-up capability, and Blu-ray players. Each room also has study tables, white boards, and OMT tables. 

Study Room Rules:

  • Study rooms can only be checked out in 4 hour increments.
  • Study rooms may only be checked out on the day of use (no advance reservations).
  • Students must be present in the library to sign out a room.
  • Study rooms left unoccupied for 15 minutes will be given away to next user.
  • Items left in study rooms will be turned into security.

Our first floor is the designated quiet floor; it is equipped with study tables for quiet collaborative study, computer carrels, study rooms, and space in our Special Collections room.  Our second floor is designated as the silent floor; it is equipped with study carrels, three study rooms, single-person pods, long tables for silent study, and stand-up desks and tables. 

We ask that you be considerate of your fellow students and turn off all notifications on your devices while in the building. All calls must be taken outside the library. 


There is a WEPA print station located in the back of the Library on the first floor, near the exit sign.

Print costs are:
Black/White - Simplex: $.05 per page
Black/White - Duplex: $.10 per page
Color - Simplex: $.25  per page
Color - Duplex: $.50 per page

Instructions can be found by the machine or on the IT Department webpage.

We offer a fax machine for student use on our first floor. Instructions are provided for student use. 

Available for checkout

Along with textbooks on reserve, we have available at the front desk the following items for checkout which can be used while in the library:


Book stands

Desktop "happy lights" for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Charging cords

We also have foam earplugs for those of you who need additional quiet.