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Organizing Class Notes

What is an Online Notebook?

Just like it sounds, an online notebook is a place on the web (or your local computer which you can sync with other computers you use) to record, organize and store your information - for school, work or your own personal use.

Online notebooks have an added benefit over their paper predecessors - they're searchable and multi-media compatible. Most online notebooks allow you to keyword search through your notes, add voice messages and other recordings, web clippings and URLs, images and videos.

Most online notebooks have multiple organizational levels, allowing you to set up new notebooks, sections, pages and sub-pages at will, with drag and drop features to let you move things between these layers with ease.

You can also store documents in your online notebook - text docs, spreadsheets, presentations, image files, media files, .pdfs - for easy access and/or back-up

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote (Free App) (2010 - latest version available from KCUMB)

OneNote is a robust software program that allows you to combine all your notes into a single space. If you are comfortable using a word processor like Microsoft Word, then you will have no trouble understanding the basics of OneNote. You can:

  • format text
  • import Excel spreadsheets
  • link to other documents or websites

Advanced features include:

  • integration with Microsoft Outlook (you can add items to your task list in one-click)
  • OCR of handwritten notes
  • full-text search
  • shared notebooks
  • the ability to synchronize notebooks across other platforms (those with Microsoft operating systems)


Evernote (Free App)

Evernote advertises itself as a "universal capture" tool. Anything you save in Evernote is accessible via your web browser, a desktop client, or the iPhone app. You can save almost anything to Evernote, including:

  • documents
  • pdfs
  • scans
  • pictures
  • emails
  • screenshots
  • web clippings

Files you send to Evernote can be saved in individual "notebooks" and tagged. Best of all, Evernote indexes everything, included text in images, so that you can search for it later. In other words, you can scan in all your hand-written notes and assuming your handwriting isn't too bad, Evernote will make that text searchable. You can even set up smart searches based on specific tags, upload location, and date for quick retrieval of items.

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