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New PubMed: Home

Coming in 2020, a new look & feel for PubMed!

The new revamped PubMed interface is now the default.  If you have questions or would like to walk through this new version with a librarian, email us at!

Best search practices are the same in the new version:

  • To find articles by topic, enter your words or phrases into the search box without quotation marks or fancy syntax (e.g., treatment incidental adenocarcinoma). Let PubMed’s term mapping and always-improving retrieval algorithms do the work for you. Your best matches will be at the top of your results.
  • To find articles by citation, enter the citation elements you have (author, title words, journal, volume, year, etc.) and let PubMed’s citation sensor find the article for you (e.g., neale science 2019).
  • To find articles by author, search the author’s last name and initials (e.g., fagerness j).
  • To find articles by journal, use the complete journal title, ISSN or title abbreviation (e.g., lancet oncol).

NLM Introduction to PubMed

Features of the new PubMed:

  • Responsive Design (easier to use with mobile phones & tablets)
  • Improved Search (Best Match sort is now the default)
  • Use the "Results by Year" graph to see trends in literature over time
  • Ability to page from abstract to abstract
  • Pre-built citations for articles in your preferred style
  • Abstract snippets on the results page