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Collecting our KCU COVID-19 Stories: A Library Historical Project: Home

Contribute your story to our University's COVID-19 experiences

We are living through history as we all work through and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic at Kansas City University. As the historical repository for the University, your library is working to assemble our stories from this challenging time, preserve them, and make them available for future research and study. 

COVID-19 is not the first pandemic that Kansas City University has survived, but it is the first one that our current KCU community is living through. The faculty, staff and students didn’t document their experiences during the 1918 Influenza pandemic for us to look back on. The D’Angelo and Dawson Librarians invite faculty, staff, students, alumni, and all the members of our community to send us their stories of this current pandemic to add to our 104 year history.

Please join us by sharing your COVID-19 experiences as a faculty member, staff member, student or alumni at KCU.

How can I contribute?

Send us an email with your COVID-19 story or reflections on your COVID-19 experience to

Your contribution may include the following formats (maximum sixe 20MB): 

  • Word Document
  • Text File
  • PDF
  • Image
  • Video
  • Audio File


Sample Submission

Volunteering From a Distance

While staying at home during the COVID-19 shut down this spring, I found I had more time than usual for volunteer activities. Ironically, many volunteer services temporarily suspended their programs because of social distancing concerns. I found a solution: Brookdale Hospice’s  “Sending Smiles to Those in Need” program. Brookdale operates seven hospices in the Kansas City area. They request cards, notes of inspiration and encouragement, artwork, and animal photos be mailed to their residents who can’t have visits from family and friends at this time. Pictured below are some cards and stickers I will be sending.

Robyn Oro

Our COVID Stories

Stuck on how to begin?

You can use one of these prompts to tell us your KCU COVID-19 Story:

  • What has it been like to transition from traditional face-to-face teaching to teaching remotely?
  • What has it been like to learn, present research, and take tests in a remote environment?
  • What has it been like to experience social events such as Commencement remotely?
  • What is it like to join the ranks of medical professionals during a pandemic as a new graduate?
  • What do you miss the most about being on our campuses?
  • Have you been able to volunteer to serve our community while practicing social distancing?
  • What has it been like to provide university services in a remote environment?
  • How are you coping with the loss of a family member, friend, or patient due to COVID-19?
  • How have you been practicing self-care and have you found reason for optimism during this pandemic?
  • Was there a particular moment when you realized this Coronavirus was about to change our way of life?
  • How have you been balancing working remotely with child care and homeschooling your children?
  • Is there anything else you would like to document as part of this project?