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Procedures: E-Resources

Find medical procedures all in one place.

Library Sources

Access Emergency Medicine: Collection of emergency medicine procedural videos.

Access Medicine: Collection of multimedia audio and video content, including some procedures.

Access Pediatrics: Collection of pediatric multimedia audio and video content, including some procedures.

Clinical Key: Search the multimedia collection or browse by specialty.

New England Journal of Medicine: Videos in Clinical Medicine: Videos from the New England Journal of Medicine over various medical procedures or medically relevant topics.

Non-Library Resources

This is a sample listing of free websites that are found online.  Do a Google search for "Medical Procedures Videos" to get even more examples.

The objective of WeBSurg is to allow the consultation of medical and surgical information in all surgical specialties by surgeons, doctors, nurses, the medical profession, patients and the general public.

WeBSurg already contains, in several languages, a considerable amount of information and chapters on surgical practices, video recordings of surgical operations and interviews with experts, information on operative techniques, professional recommendations and information for surgeons (eg clinical cases, conferences), etc.

European Respiratory Society
Procedure videos related to respiratory medicine. is an online library dedicated for videos, movies, sounds, audios, pictures, images, illustrations and other media related to Medicine and Surgery. It provides one easy place to find whatever a doctor, medical student, nurse, health care worker, or any individual involved in medicine is searching for.

Free site providing surgical and healthcare videos and webcasts.

YouTube Medical Procedures Videos
Aggregate site for medical videos from multiple websites.


Biological Procedures Online
This journal is an open access, peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles that improve access to techniques and methods in the medical and biological sciences.

Step-By-Step Videos