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Review steps for uploading and publishing a thesis or dissertation through the ProQuest portal.

ProQuest Theses/Dissertations

Submission Guidelines for Students

The first step will be to Create an Account, if you do not already have one. Navigate to the ProQuest ETD site and choose "Submitting Your Dissertation/Thesis" on the top tool bar and choose Kansas City University out of the list of schools or use the link to access our portal.

Basic identifying information is requested and once the email address has been verified you will be taken to a screen where you can begin the Submission process.

Decisions regarding publishing can be made here before uploading your work. Traditional Publishing vs Open Access (for $95) and Self Publishing Restrictions are listed first.

You may also request for ProQuest to register your work for U.S. Copyright for an additional fee. Ordering physical copies is another option you may select with a fee. All of these options can be changed up to the point of Delivery for Publication which is completed by the Administrator.

You will then move on to the Submission Process and work through the screen below.

Please upload your file as a PDF. You should make sure that all fonts are embedded in the PDF and that the PDF security settings allow printing and modification of the document. Both are necessary for publication reasons.

Continue by uploading any supplementary documents and notes to the Administrator, if necessary. After these steps are completed, you will need to complete the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Release so that the work can be housed in the KCU Digital Commons Repository. If any changes or edits are needed, ProQuest will alert you to those notifications and once completed, the Delivery process can begin.