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Publication Tracking: Tracking Publications in SCOPUS

How to search for a publication using author or affiliation.

Individual Author Search in SCOPUS

  • Use the Author Search feature on SCOPUS by clicking on the "Authors" tab, which is above the search bar.


  • Enter the last name and first name or first initial in the search boxes.


  • Add affiliation if you want using the "Add Affiliation" option in the search bar.

(Authors with 2 or more publications in SCOPUS will have a SCOPUS author profile and ID)

You may also search using an ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor) ID

  • ORCID IDs are a special identifying number for researchers. Using this ID is helpful for ensuring you do not run into name ambiguity.

Searching by Affiliation

When searching for a publication by affiliation, there are a few options:

  • Use the affiliation tab in the basic search and enter the information in the search box
  • Use the document search and enter the AFFIL( ) field tag. Be sure to enter variations of names to account for name ambiguity.
  • If you know the affiliation ID (can be found under Affiliation Profile) 
  • You may also want to limit your search by date. This can be done with the PUBDATETXT ( ) field tag. Add it to the search using AND.