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Resources for Authors: Where to Publish

Journal Finders

Journal Competitive Factors

You can look for each journal's impact factor information on the journal's website.

Fake or misleading metrics can be used by predatory publishers. For a list of some of the fake metrics used, click here

Deciding Where to Publish

Deciding where to publish can be challenging. Where you choose to publish can affect the impact of your research.

Start by looking at:

  • Where are similar articles to yours being published? (Do a search for articles in the library's databases and see where these articles are being published.) 
  • Which journals do you read? Which do your colleagues read?
  • Who publishes your colleagues' work? 
  • Who do you cite in your own work?

When considering a submitting to a journal:

  • Are the articles published of high quality?
  • Does your research fit the journal's scope?
  • Is the journal searchable in databases?
  • What is the reputation of the journal? What is the journal's impact factor?
  • If the journal is open access, does it charges an article processing charge (APC)?


Think. Check. Submit.

Think. Check. Submit. is a campaign focused on empowering authors to check the trustworthiness of a journal or publisher. Utilizing the Think. Check. Submit. checklist helps researchers spot trusted journals and publishers for their research. 

Pre-Publication Options

A preprint is a completed research paper that is publically shared before it has been formally peer reviewed. Preprints are given a digital object identifier (DOI) so they can be cited in other research papers. Preprints are free and posted on public servers like those listed below.