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Citation Management Tools: Other Citation Managers

A quick guide to using citation management tools.


Knight Cite is a free citation generator provided by Calvin College's Heckman Library. It's a simple citation tool, meaning users have to manually input the citation information, but the tool puts the information into the correct format for the citation style selected. 

It is free to use, but is funded by ad sales so you will see ads on the right side and bottom of the screen. There is no obligation to click on these in order to use the tool. 


EasyBib is another free online citation tool that helps users create citations and scans papers for grammatical errors.

A free account gives users access to MLA citation style, scans for up to 20 grammatical errors, and includes ads. 

EasyBib Plus is $9.95 a month, but offers no ads, includes all citation styles, unlimited grammar checks, unlimited plagiarism checking, and allows users to create in-text citations and footnotes. 


RefWorks is a popular citation management tool provided by many universities. KCU DOES NOT provide access to RefWorks, so we cannot help with tutorials or troubleshooting. 

Fortunately, ProQuest, the company responsible for RefWorks, has excellent Help Guides and video tutorials. If you do have access to RefWorks from another institution, our suggestion is to check with the ProQuest RefWorks support pages for assistance. 

Just be sure you're looking at the support page for the version of RefWorks you have. Legacy RefWorks is being phased out, but support is still currently available. New RefWorks is the latest version. You can still use your Legacy account, but there will be no more updates to the tool. New RefWorks will eventually take over. 

Citation Machine

Citation Machine is a free online citation tool that helps users create citations and build bibliographies for their work. You can also upload your paper to add citations and check for grammar, punctuation, and plagiarism*. You can either manually enter the information for your citation, or use the search option to see if someone else has previously uploaded the citation. Be aware, not all uploaded citations are correct and you should always double check your citations before downloading.

Like most of the free citation tools available, there is a free version and a subscription version. The free version requires users to watch a 60-90 second advertisement video every 12-24 hours in order to create or download citations. The subscription to Citation Machine Plus is $9.95/mo.

*Plagiarism check is only available on Citation Machine Plus

How to Create an APA Style Reference for a Canceled Conference Presentation

To help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), many public events have been canceled, including conferences and conventions. If you are a researcher, you may be wondering how should this presentation appear on your CV. 

If you are uncertain how the APA Style reference for your accepted presentation should appear, due to a conference being canceled, please check this link for further information.