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Coronavirus (COVID-19): What You Need to Know: Academic Resources

Coronavirus has made headlines across the world, and with cases popping up across the United States every day, medical professionals and students need to be prepared. This guide will serve as a starting point for resources on COVID-19

Remote Teaching and Online Medical Education Resources

Check out our Library Guide on Remote Teaching and Online Medical Education Information for more resources

Medical School Resources for Online Instruction

Here is a list of some publicly available websites to support faculty at medical schools with online teaching during the COVID-19 crisis. 

COVID-19 Websites

VitalSource Textbooks

VitalSource is opening up free access to up to 7 textbooks from a subset of their publishers through May 25, 2020. Individual students must register for a free VitalSource account and select the individual textbooks for online access. Students should refer to the help guides for students for more information.

The following publishers are offering courseware to students who may have lost access to course materials due to a campus moving to distance learning to prevent the spread of COVID-19


Copyright Clearance Center: COVID-19 List of Free Resources

Copyright Clearance Center has made a list of publishers who are making COVID-19 resources freely available. This list is regularly updated so check back to find more resources. 


LitCovid is a curated literature hub for tracking up-to-date scientific information about the 2019 novel Coronavirus. It is the most comprehensive resource on the subject, providing a central access to 1642 (and growing) relevant articles in PubMed. The articles are updated daily and are further categorized by different research topics and geographic locations for improved access. You can read more at Chen et al. Nature (2020) and download their data here.

Disaster Lit Coronavirus Database

The Disaster Information Management Center has a Disaster Lit database full of information to use. Use (coronavirus AND novel) OR (Wuhan OR 19-ncov OR COVID-19) to search the Disaster Lit database for information on COVID-19.

More Resources

Association of American Medical Colleges

The AAMC News and Insights page offers a lot of information on how medical schools and students are adjusting to the current environment. Browse through the recent articles on how this situation is being handled in American medical schools. 

You can also check out the AAMC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Hub for more resources. 

AccessMedicine COVID-19 Central

The AccessMedicine has added a channel for the latest information on the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Browse to see the latest content compiled by AccessMedicine experts. 

RedShelf Textbooks


To ensure that all students have access to their course materials amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, we're partnering with the publishing community to provide you with up to 7 free eBooks from participating publishers. (Program applies to students at non-profit, semester-based schools, and access runs through May 25th.)

Individual students must register for a free RedShelf account and select the individual textbooks for online access. Students should refer to the Information for Students help guides for more information.

JoVe Science Education

JoVE Coronavirus Free Access Resource Center

JoVE (the Journal of Visualized Experiments) has opened their Science Education modules through June 15, 2020. The science community is working hard to address the potential health crisis brought about by the outbreak of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19). To support these critical efforts, JoVE has made its coronavirus focused content and related resources freely available.