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Required Textbooks 2023-2024: COB - Biomed

College of Biosciences: Master of Science of Biomedical Sciences

Required Books: 2023 Fall Semester

The D'Angelo Library has copies of each of these books on reserve. They are available to borrow for two hours at a time. We also provide access to some of the e-books on this list. The titles that are hyperlinked are available for you to use at any time, from home or on campus. In order to access them, you will be prompted to log into the KCU SSO.

Human Anatomy I (BIOS 501)

  • Note: This textbook will also be used for Human Anatomy II in the Spring Semester.

Cell Biology and Histology (BIOS 503) - Elective

Human Physiology I (BIOS 505)

  • Note: This textbook will also be used for Human Physiology II in the Spring Semester.

Human Genetics (BIOS 508) - Elective

Introduction to Epidemiology (BIOS 509)

  • No textbooks required. Course Director will post supplemental materials on Canvas.

Introduction to Research Methodology (BIOS 510) - Research Track

Molecular and Cell Biology (BIOS 514)

Scientific Communication (BIOS 515) - Research Track

Intro to Programming (BIOS 551) - Elective/Bioinformatics