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Scopus: Searching in Scopus


You can search Scopus by Documents, Authors, and/or Affiliations

Filter options:

  • Publication date range, then specify Published from / To
    • 'All years' or a range of years can also be selected from the drop down arrows ('All years' is the default)
  • Date added to Scopus:
    • Specify 'Anytime' or within the last 7, 14, or 30 days by using the drop down arrow (default is 'Anytime')

Author Search

When searching by authors, you can find people by last and/or first name. You also have the option to search by ORCID iD.


Cited Reference Search

Scopus provides the option to search lists of cited references in documents. If the original reference is relevant to the search, other related publications have also been helpful and can be added as an extension to the basic search.

How to perform a cited reference search

Document Search

Documents include journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, articles in press and data papers and abstracts. Below lists the steps to a basic document search:

  • Enter your search terms in the the box
  • By default, Scopus will search in the Article title, Abstract and Keywords of documents
  • You can specify which fields to search using the drop-down menu
  • Use the +Add search field option to add additional fields
  • Enter new search field uses Boolean operators, AND, OR, and NOT
  • To see a complete list of advanced field code, selected Advanced document search

Open Access Filters

On the document details page, filters regarding Open Access types are available. The definitions of each are below:

  • Gold open: Documents that are in journals which only publish open access
  • Hybrid Gold: Document that are in journals which provide authors the choice of publishing open access
  • Bronze: Published version of record or manuscript accepted for publication; the publisher has chose to provide temporary or permanent free access
  • Green: Published version or manuscript accepted for publication, available at repository

Affiliation Search

When searching by affiliation, only type the affiliation's name and the search will auto-populate. From there you will choose the correct option.

Secondary Documents

Scopus features non-Scopus references, called 'secondary documents'. These are not indexed in the database. To view these non-Scopus references, click 'View secondary documents' above your search results.

Learn more about secondary documents with Scopus