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Case Reports: How to Guide: Where to Publish Case Reports

Helpful tools that guide you through writing a case report .

More About Case Reports

"Case reports are solely descriptions of practice, and they can generate ideas, hypotheses, and techniques that can be tested or studied later through controlled experiments.  A case report can serve more than one purpose; it might convey experiences to other clinicians while revealing hypotheses for future research, or it might provide material for teaching and learning while assisting in the evolution of theory.  It might persuade or motivate other practitioners, or help develop practice guidelines and critical pathways."

McEwen, I. (2009). Writing case reports: A how-to manual for clinicians. Alexandra, Virginia: The American Physical Therapy Association.

You have access to 130 journals that publish just case reports through your KCU Libraries?! Between journals we subscribe to and several quality open access journals, you can browse journals for case reports in virtually every specialty of medicine. 

Can't find one you're looking for? Reach out to your library team for assistance. 

For Authors

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