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Case Reports: How to Guide: Help in Writing Case Reports

Helpful tools that guide you through writing a case report .

Making the Case for Case Reports

"A case-report teaches us what is 'un-known' or 'unrecognized', either what medicine does not yet know ('progress'), or what individual doctors have not yet recognized ('education'). Almost always there is 'the element of surprise'. In the case report that leads to progress in medical scientific knowledge generally qualified as research the surprise stems from a comparison with our theoretical expectation."

Vandenbroucke, Jan P. Case reports in an evidence-based world. J R Soc Med. 1999; 92 (4): 159-163. doi:10.1177/014107689909200401.

How To

BMJ Case Reports

BMJ Case Reports is an open access journal exclusively for case reports. Below are some resources from BMJ Case Reports to help you get started and stay on track with your case report writing.