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KCU D'Angelo Library Historical Archives: Clock Tower


The clock tower first told time atop the Administration Building erected in 1933. Designed by Edward M. Fuller the building replaced the original Adminstration Building that had been destroyed by fire the previous spring.  

Quarter After Midnight

For decades the clock tower was a distiinguishing feature of the campus and was adopted as a logo on many college publications.

Spared From Demolition

In 1982 the Aministration Building was razed but the clock tower was saved.


The clock remained on campus grounds until 1988 when it was donated to the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department.


In 1992 President John P. Perrin and the Alumni Association worked to have the clock returned to the university campus. The Alumni Association supplied the funds to have it restored, and it was placed atop the newly renovated Smith Hall.


Once again the iconic clock tells time over Independence Avenue and the KCU campus.

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