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Embase: Home

KCU Libraries has added Embase to our database collection. Embase is a comprehensive biomedical database.

What is Embase?

Embase is a comprehensive biomedical research database from Elsevier. It covers a broad range of biomedical literature, including information not available in MEDLINE. 

Other features include Emtree, PICO builder, drug safety monitoring, and medical device compliance. 

  • Emtree is Elsevier's life science thesaurus, much like MeSH for PubMed. It is a polyhierarchical thesaurus, meaning there are branches and levels and terms can appear under multiple branches. 
  • Embase's built-in PICO builder allows researchers to narrow their searches to match their specific research topic.
  • PV Wizard allows you to track published biomedical information about drugs and pharmacologics.
  • The Medical Device tab allows researchers to search biomedical literature for specific medical devices, including classifications and definitions, safety performance, and clinical benefits. 

Accessing Embase

You will need to access Embase through the KCU Library website by going to our Database page. Make sure you have logged in through the proxy if you are off campus.

My Tools


My Tools is a feature available in Embase. Here you can see your clipboard, saved clipboards, set email alerts, see your saved searches, and set your preferences. 

Elsevier Login

We recommend creating an Elsevier account to use with Embase. I've you have an account for ClinicalKey, you will use those login detials for Embase as well. We recommend using your KCU email address and adding your personal email as a backup.

Having an account allows you to utilize the My Tools feature to save searches, set your preferences, and more.