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Embase: Quick Search

KCU Libraries has added Embase to our database collection. Embase is a comprehensive biomedical database.

Quick search is excellent for performing quick and easy searches using key words or phrases. It's a great way to get an overview of the literature on a topic and can help identify terms for more complicated and specific searches.

The first entry in the Quick Search builder is always a broad search, but additional terms can be added with filters. 

Quick Search

Quick search is the default setting and screen you will see when you access Embase. This is just a basic search function, much like our Discovery search or PubMed's search box. The difference on Embase is the built-in additional search lines. This lets you run a quick search using multiple terms and filters quickly. 

You can use plain language in Quick Search. Embase will pull up other commonly used topics and variations of similar searches, as well as show you the number of results for each of those terms. 

Embase includes a number of built-in features directly on the Quick Search page as well. Here you can limit by date range for publication and Embase inclusion, as well as some Evidence-Based Medicine filters. 

Once you've built your search and applied any filters, you can immediately see how many results your search is finding.

This results list will automatically update while you are building your search and applying filters so you can see how each component alters your search.