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Embase: Additional Search Options

KCU Libraries has added Embase to our database collection. Embase is a comprehensive biomedical database.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search provides an opportunity to customize your search string from the beginning without having to add filters once an initial search has been completed.


Start with the Mapping function and type in your term to see the list of mapped options to further narrow it down. Once there, the Date filter will ask for options regarding the publication of the information and the date records were added to Embase.

As you move along the available filter lines, your search parameters will save. Sources includes options from Embase, MEDLINE, Preprints, and PubMed-not-MEDLINE.

Fields provides an option to narrow that search string by using their Field labels. Use this when you need a specific view of something, for example, you need a certain volume or issue or a journal or you are looking for a known conference location where a lecture was given.

Quick Limits are good to add if you know any of the specific details being asked, like subject type, language, and a few more.

The EBM filter asks you to designate what type of study or review you are needing returned in the results.

Publication Type can help narrow it down more, using this to specify what you do want can be very beneficial in making sure you do not see results for items you DO NOT need.

The below languages are available to limit your search with:

Gender is limited to only Male and Female at this time. Age lists thirteen possibilities for filters applied.


Animal provides a space to choose the type of animal study from the "Animal Cell", "Animal Experiment", "Animal Model", and/or "Animal Tissue".

Once finished finalizing those search options, selecting Search will you bring you the results. With those quick options you are able to retrieve a manageable amount of results to begin your research.