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January 2024 Newsletter

January 2024, Volume 32

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Welcome Back!

Database Spotlight: Gideon

Book Spotlight: Room at the Table

Recently Published Work

New Books and Materials

Welcome Back!

KCU Libraries welcomes you back and hopes all were able to relax and find time to recharge over the Winter Break. As we return, we are all looking at our goals and what we hope to accomplish in 2024. We hope to be a resource in those endeavors, whether you aim to add more research into your practice, implement new leadership or mindfulness techniques, or learn more about your community and school, we have you covered.

Some goal writing tips and links to use when visualizing your future:

-SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound for clear-cut outcomes)

-In/Out List

-FUN Goals (Flexible, Uplifting, and Numberless to catch a vibe)

-Vision Board as your phone lock screen

KCU Libraries looks forward to creating a bright 2024 with you!

Database Spotlight: Gideon

GIDEON (Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network) is the newest database at KCU, and a robust one, at that!

Per GIDEON: "Epidemiological data going back to 1348 AD, covering 230+ countries and territories. Over 28,000 outbreaks, 39,000+ graphs, and 100,000+ surveys.  Includes interactive tools to identify 2,000+ pathogens, diagnose and compare 360+ infectious diseases, as well as to explore the properties of 30,000+ trade names of drugs and vaccines. The application is updated every day by a team of highly regarded medical scientists."

Take some time this month to explore what GIDEON has to offer and we all look forward to using this information to help drive better health in our community, local and globally.

Book Spotlight: Room at the Table by Dr. Renee Branch Canady

Recently featured during a DEI session, Room at the Table discusses the different ways race plays out in everyone's lives and how different perceptions of its acknowledgement can hinder effective leadership or create spaces that are safe for teams to grow and achieve. Place a hold or check out a copy today!

Recently Published Work

 Emily Woolhiser, COM 2025: Diversity Among American Dermatological Association Members by sex and Geographic Region

Jack Senna, COM 2025: Factors Associated With Early Discharge in Pediatric Trauma Patients Transported by Rotor: A Retrospective Analysis

Dae Kim, COM 2024: Misplaced Evidence, Missed Opportunities: Protocols for Handling Ballistic Evidence in Pediatric Patients

Anila Katragadda, COM 2026: Pulmonary Crohn's Disease Masquerading as Lymphoma

Kaavya S. Nair, COM 2023: Thoracic Aortic Aneurysmal Disease: Comprehensive Recommendations for the Primary Care Physician

See our Digital Commons for more!

New Books and Materials


See our full list of New Resources here!

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