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January 2023 Newsletter

January 2023, Volume 23

Welcome to the new year and back to the library! We hope everyone was able to get some much needed rest and to spend time with friends and family. The D'Angelo Library staff is looking forward to spring semester and all that comes with it. Join us for all your study, research, and literary needs!

Instead of setting resolutions this year, try creating a "In vs Out" list. Use it to help you hone in on what your 2023 focus will be and to help take off the pressure of restricting resolutions. A few examples below could help you get started:


-Using KCU campus' many outdoor spots for studying and relaxing

-Joining a club or group on campus

-Investigating what selfcare means to you personally

-Finding a cause to donate time or resources to


-Ignoring internal cues that signal burnout

-Skipping the library's monthly newsletter, Cover to Cover

-Using Google as the end-all, be-all medical research tool 

Use your "In vs Out" list whenever you are feeling unmoored and looking for where to hang your focus back on throughout the year.

Goal Setting for the New Year

If you are setting some intentions to tackle in the upcoming '23, try out the HARD Goals framework as a way to guide the process.

Heartfelt - “Describe at least three reasons why you want this goal (note: the reasons can be intrinsic, personal, and/or extrinsic).”

Animated - “Think about where you want your career to be, and describe to me exactly what you’re doing (what kind of work you’re doing, who you’re working with, what your days look like, etc.) one year, three years, and five years from now.”

Required - “What do you need to have accomplished by the end of the next six months to keep on track toward achieving this goal? What about by the end of the next 90 days? The next 30 days? What’s one thing you can accomplish today?”

Difficult - “What are the three to five most important skills you’ll need to develop to achieve this goal? How will you develop those skills?”


Library Guide Spotlight: Citation Management Tools

Citation managers are tools you can use to keep track of articles and books while you research. They allow users to annotate and tag articles and can be used to create bibliographies and reference lists quickly and easily. Click here to learn more about EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero, and more! You can use this guide to also learn about saving citations directly from PubMed! 

Your libraries are more than just a physical space on campus. They're a portal to virtual information that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Having trouble accessing resources or finding what you need? Contact your library staff! We're here to help!