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December 2022


December 2022, Volume 22

Newsletter Contents

Library Advisory Committee Update

Holiday Hours

Recognizing Library Talent

Global Outreach Book Drive Update

Recently Published Work


New Books & Resources

Library Advisory Committee Update

In October 2022, the Library Advisory Committee met to share updates on library resources and talk about current and future projects. The Committee functions to:

  • Advise the University Library Director on current and future needed resources and services;
  • Serve as an informed liaison between the Library and various constituent groups that require information and services from the Library;
  • Make recommendations to address Library problems or issues;
  • Recognize the value of the Library and act with a vested interest in current and future initiatives.

Who is the LAC? 

Meeting Minutes

The LAC helps us better articulate answers to questions like "What can your Library do for you? How can we better serve you?"

Holiday Hours in the Library

December 1-14: Regular hours

December 15-16: 7AM - 5PM

December 17-18: CLOSED

December 19-21: 7AM - 5PM

December 22 - January 2: CLOSED

January 3-6: 7AM - 5PM

January 7-8: 9AM - 5PM

January 9: Regular hours resume

Recognizing Library Talent

At the November Town Hall, we were able to celebrate over half of the Library staff for their years of service here at KCU. Please help to congratulate them and recognize their services to KCU!

Robyn Oro, Access Services/Special Collections Coordinator - 30 Years of Service

Lori Fitterling MLS, University Library Director - 20 Years of Service

Abbey Griffith MLS, Medical Librarian/Library Manager - 5 Years of Service

Bonnie Turner MLS, Medical Librarian - 5 Years of Service

McKenzie Warren MLS, Medical Librarian - 5 Years of Service


We would also like to recognize two awards that have been given to the KCU library team!

  • The Outstanding Academic Health Science Library Award for 2022 from the Health Sciences Library Network of Kansas City. This award is based on library accomplishments for the past year and will be awarded at the April, 2023 quarterly meeting.
  • Lori Fitterling, MLS, University Library Director, won the Bernice M. Hetzner Award for Excellence in Academic Health Science Librarianship from the Mid-Continental Medical Library Association for 2022. This award, was established in 1991 in honor of Bernice M. Hetzner, Library Director and Professor Emeritus at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, who retired in 1973. The award recognizes an academic health sciences librarian who has achieved a high level of professional accomplishment. Marilyn De Geus won the award in 2014. 

Global Outreach Book Drive Update

We want to thank the KCU community so much for their help with this initiative! Between the two campuses we were able to collect nearly 1000 books! We were able to extend that donations to KCU's Global Health Outreach group, Children's Mercy, and Lead to Read. We appreciate everyone's support in finding ways to help us support and promote literacy within our close-knit and international communities.

Recently Published Work from KCU Faculty, Staff, and Students - collected by Rick Sprinkle

Austin Skinner,  COM 2025 Joplin: "Rectus femoris transfers with and without a hamstring lengthening will not change hip kinematics in children with cerebral palsy."

YuanDian Zhen, COM 2024: "Increased anxiety from fear of Omicron in China as compared to North American and Western Europe: A cross-sectional Kendall's tau-b analysis using the generalized anxiety disorder 7-item questionnaire."

David Sine, PhD, Chair & Assistant Professor, Bioethics: "Roles of Environmental Services Workers' Wages and Status in Patient Safety." 

Rachel Bentley & Scott Lowe, COM 2024: "High spicy food intake may increase the risk of esophageal cancer: A meta-analysis and systematic review."

Austin Ambur, GME Dermatology Resident: "Annular bullous lesions in a child from Uganda: chronic bullous disease of childhood."

Sabrina Demaestri, COM 2024: "Inclusion of Non-English-Speaking Participants in Pediatric Health Research: A Review."

Edith Riggs, COM 2025: "SYT1-Associated Neurodevelopmental Disorder: A Narrative Review."

Nicholas Pettinelli, COM 2025: "Athletes Report Favorable Outcomes at 5 Year Minimum Follow-up After Primary Hip Arthroscopy: A Systematic Review."

HappyLights in the Library!

Check out a HappyLight while in the Library for an extra boost to get through those winter study months. They provide light therapy exposure and help alleviate the stress of indoor lighting.



New Books

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