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February 2023 Newsletter

February 2023, Volume 24

Newsletter Contents

Celebrating Black History Month

Heart Health Month

Dawson Library Renovations

Recently Published Work

Laptop Stands

Osteopathic Advocates Art Display

Ovid's New Interface

New Books & Resources

Celebrating Black History Month with KCU Libraries

Please join KCU Libraries in recognizing and celebrating Black History Month! Through our collection development, we aim to give space to voices that have not historically been uplifted and to praise the hard work and innovation of Black doctors, medical professionals, and community champions.

Found in our Notes from the Library Archives Blog, written by Robyn Oro, read about Ray E. Piper (COM '60), the first African- American graduate of this school; Samuel U. Rodgers, a pioneer in Kansas City health history; and William G. Anderson, who has helped forge a strong connection between osteopathic medicine and activism.

Our Representation in Medicine Research Guide provides literature, videos, journals, and more to better develop a sense of need in the public health sector, especially in regards to marginalized communities and how policies affect populations differently.

Use our Racism in Medicine Resources: Anti-Racism Resources Research Guide to deepen your knowledge regarding the past and make way for a more informed future.

When in the library, stop by and check out materials from our display shelf with titles written by and about Black people in medicine and their incredible contributions to the field.

 Heart Health Month

During February, Heart Health Month is observed by placing special attention and care on the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. As a medical school, information regarding this subject is on hand and ready for student, faculty, and staff to use.

Cardiopulmonary & Renal Resources Research Guide for textbooks, e-books, interactive dissection tools, and more.

50+ Databases with journals, books, presentations, and much more to dig deeper into those heart based problems and research questions.

Review the CDC's 2023 American Hearth Month Toolkit to find resources for professionals and patients, with quick facts, quizzes, and social media tips.

Dawson Renovations

Joplin's Dawson Library is currently renovating its open study space to include an additional 24-30 seats for study. The changes will help to support a more inclusive study space for our incoming CDM students. Additional renovations later this year will include expanded shelving, updated offices, and improved patron access and services.

Recently Published Work from KCU Faculty, Staff, and Students - collected by Rick Sprinkle

 Christopher Surek, DO, Assistant Professor: Venous Tributaries of the Lip: Implications for Lip Filler Injection

Edward, Pingenot, COM 2023 Joplin: A Scoping Review of Interventions and Experiences Increasing Medical Student Interest in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Suporn Suprapru-Braaten, PhD, GME Consultant: Large Mucocele of the Appendix Discovered in a 48-Year-Old Male Presenting with Appendicitis: A Case Report

Scott Lowe, COM 2024: Dose viral inoculum play a role in disease severity in COVID-19?

Yuan Xie, COM 2026: Plasma protein profiling analysis in patients with atrial fibrillation before and after three different ablation techniques

Gretchen Koller, COM 2024: Letter: Addressing Barriers to Student Participation in Neurosurgical Conferences: Experiences From the Inaugural Early Career Neuroscience Virtual Research Symposium

Abigale Clark, COM 2023: Patient Perspectives on the Lived Experience of Granuloma Annulare

Yuandian Zheng, COM 2024: Subjective attitudes moderate the social connectedness in eSports gaming during COVID-19 pandemic: A Cross-sectional study

Laptops Stands

Found at the KC and Joplin locations, we now have laptop/book stands for check out! Use these to create a dynamic set up that works best for you without worrying if the stack of books you built will hold steady.

 See the front desk to reserve one today!

Osteopathic Advocates Art Display 

Gifted by our new Campus Dean, Dr. Sharon Gustowksi, these pieces display famous supporters of the osteopathic sciences with quotes regarding their impressions and thoughts on the subject. While here, check out more of the art housed at the D'Angelo Library.

Ovid's New User Interface

Using Ovid's new interface, advanced filters, and clearer functions, finding and saving resources is a simplified process. Ovid is a database that contains journals, books, and procedure videos that are easily added to a personal workspace that saves your starred items. Log in and create your account today to benefit from this database!

New Books

See full list of New Resources here

 And More!

Your libraries are more than just a physical space on campus. They're a portal to virtual information that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Having trouble accessing resources or finding what you need? Contact your library staff! We're here to help!