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May 2023 Newsletter

May 2023, Volume 27

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From Your Director

National Library Week Recap

Meditation Strategies

Recently Published Work

New Books and Resources

From Your Director, Lori Fitterling, MLS                                                                                                                                              

Congratulations 2023 graduates! It has been an honor to provide library services to all of you, and as you begin your professional journey, please rely on your information-seeking skills and look to evidence-based resources to lead in your professional practice. It is essential to rely on accurate and trustworthy information to provide high-quality patient care. Please know that you can always turn to the library for support in your pursuit of reliable information. Take care and best to you all!

National Library Week Recap

To celebrate National Library Week, KC and Joplin supplied students with extra treats and opportunities to win prizes from the library staff! In Joplin, there was a Lego guessing game and KC had a candy bear filled with treats, both required entries asking for the amount with a prize going to the closest guess. Our candy bear winner was off by only 1 treat of 235!

Other prize winners were drawn from entries asking their favorite author/book or favorite thing about the library. Seeing the answers range from candy, quiet places to study, online resources, and our fabulous student workers helps to highlight this year's theme of "More to the Story". The staff at your library are here to support you in your medical journal needs, and we continue to look for innovative ideas to expand library services. 

Meditation Strategies

As we wind down this year and creep closer to commencement, summer break, and warmer weather, this can become a time for stress and anxiety. Finding the time to quell that or listen to our bodies can seem time-consuming when we are racing towards a finish line. The good thing about meditation is that taking a moment, even a small one, to find your center is beneficial. See the 5-4-3-2-1 Method below from the University of Rochester Medical Center for a technique that can be practiced anywhere.

  • Slow your breathing to an steady rhythm and once you are comfortable proceed with naming the following things
  • 5 things you can SEE (a pen, your phone, a tree)
  • 4 things you can TOUCH (your dog, the table, a warm mug)
  • 3 things you can HEAR (the wind, cars passing, coffee brewing)
  • 2 things you can SMELL (a snack from the candy bowl, a borrowed book)
  • 1 thing you can TASTE (a sparkling water with a *hint* of orange)

Use this technique to help you center within your body and accept the situation of your reality as it currently is, no judgement or correction needed.

Feel free to stop by the D'Angelo Library and make use of our VR Headset technology in our Wellness Room for a more immersive session!


Recently Published Work

Linda Niessen, DMD, Dean, College of Dental Medicine, Joplin: "Innovations in Geriatric Oral Health Care" 

Ali San, COM 2025: "Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) For Craniotomies in the Treatment of Brain Tumors: A Systematic Review"

Yuandian Zheng, COM 2024: "The Mediating Role of Positive Attitudes on the Relationship Between Esports Gaming Hours and Psychological Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic"

Etan Marks, KCU-GME Dermatology Faculty: "A Physician's Guide to the Use of Gene Expression Profile Ancillary Diagnostic Testing for Cutaneous Melanocytic Neoplasms"

Rachel Pellegrino, COM 2024: "An Interesting Case of Disseminated Histoplasmosis in a Patient With Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis"

Ashish Kulhari, MBBS, KCU Adjunct Clinical Faculty: "Internal Carotid Artery Agenesis: A Rare Entity" 

Tanner Marriot, COM 2024, Joplin: "Subchondroplasty - A Viable Treatment Option for Transient Bone Marrow Edema Syndrome of the Navicular in an Adolescent: A Case Report"

New Books and Resources

New E-Books shown here and more at the link below!

See full list of New Resources here

Come by the D'Angelo Library on the KC Campus to review free books on our grab and go carts, currently by the front doors and on the bottom shelf of the Flashcard shelf.

Your libraries are more than just a physical space on campus. They're a portal to virtual information that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Having trouble accessing resources or finding what you need? Contact your library staff! We're here to help!