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March 2023 Newsletter

March 2023, Volume 25

Newsletter Contents

Women's History Month

Research in the Library

  • Research & Writing Corner
  • Research Map
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Interlibrary Loan

Upcoming Events

  • PULSE Launch Event
  • Book/Puzzle Exchange
  • VR Chairs

Recently Published Work

New Books & Resources

Women's History Month

The KCU Libraries would like to wish all a Happy Women's History Month and take a moment to reflect on and celebrate the amazing work our alumni and current students, staff, and faculty have been able accomplish. From our first graduate, Mamie Johnston (Class of 1917) to all those who have followed in her footsteps, KCU libraries holds you all in the highest esteem and looks forward to opportunities to commemorate and honor the work that you do. Please feel welcome to check out our Women's History Month display, curated by Robyn Oro to find materials and information about women in medicine and find motivation in their achievements.

Research in the Library

Research is at the heart of any medical school and especially here at KCU. Without those taking the time to find evidence-backed medicine, completing studies to help uncover patterns that lead to resolutions, or diligently and patiently creating new ways to provide care, the answers to our questions and the remedies to our ailments would never be found. KCU Libraries wants to assist your research journey and we wanted to highlight a few ways that can be done.

Research & Writing Corner

Found in the D'Angelo Library, KC Campus, situated between the Special Collections and Computer Lab, a shelf with scientific writing materials has been curated by Medical Librarian, Abbey Griffith. If you are finding trouble in knowing how and where to start or how to compile all your work in a cohesive manner, these resources are for you. On the board above, you will find more resources to keep you informed on current medical information.

Research Map

Use these info guides below to help you know where to start on your research journey. KCU Libraries has an enormous amount of databases to access and it can be daunting to decide which one will provide the best answers. 


The librarians are always happy to assist with a research-based question!

Systematic Reviews

For a specific type of research, the Systematic Review, KCU Libraries has a guide for outlining all that goes into that and the levels of service we are able to provide on those endeavors. Please see the link below for more details.

Systematic Review Policy

Interlibrary Loan

A service KCU Libraries provides at no extra cost, if you find that the article, book, etc. is not found in our database, we will source if from another library and provide access to those that we can. There are multiple ways in which this process can be done:

  • Filling out this form
  • Calling 417-208-0683
  • Emailing
  • Mailing requests to:
    • Kansas City University

      D'Angelo Library - Interlibrary Loan Service

      1750 Independence Avenue
      Kansas City, MO 64106-1453

  • Stopping by in person!

ILL is expertly managed by Joplin's Evan Martin

Upcoming Events

PULSE Launch Event

Round out the second year of publication, the student authors and artist of the 2023 PULSE publication will be having an opportunity for the campus to view their work and hear from the writers themselves.

Check out the 2022 edition here!

Book & Puzzle Exchange

Please take a moment to stop by your campus' Book/Puzzle Exchange Event! A partnership with the KCU Libraries and Wellness Council to create a community of book and puzzle lovers. Feel free to look through the selection and borrow anything item that speaks to you, even if you do not have something to swap it with today, there will be a permanent home soon where you will be able to bring in other items and return those you have had the chance to enjoy! 

Coming soon - Virtual Reality Headsets and Goggles!

More to come on this exciting partnership with Wellness Council but soon the library will have dedicated space to Virtual Reality headsets and chairs to immerse yourself in a meditative state using neurofeedback to help relieve stress and calm anxieties. 

Recently Published Work - collected by Rick Sprinkle

Arad Talehakimi, COM 2024:Duloxetine for Postoperative Pain Control Following Knee or Hip Replacement: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 

Gavin Cobb, COM 2024Hereditary Angioedema with Normal C1 Esterase Inhibitor Refractory to Long-Term Prophylaxis: A Case Report

Anna Stock, COM 2023 & Pratima Singh MD, Assistant Professor, Anatomy/PathologyOnline Medical Education: Utilization of Google Forms for Remote Active Learning Experiences in a Large Medical School Class During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Farwa Jafri, COM 2023Effects of obesity on the pharmacology of proton pump inhibitors: current understanding and future implications for patient care and research

Rishi Gupta, COM 2025 JoplinFrequency and Outcomes of Cervical Spine Computed Tomography Imaging on Alcohol-Intoxicated Patients in the Emergency Department 

Samriddh Chaudhari, COM 2024 & Leah Treffeisen, COM 2024The 2022 Monkeypox Epidemic and What Has Led to the Current State of the Disease in the US: A Systematic Review

Bryan Beutel MD, Assistant Professor, Primary CareNeuroma-in-continuity: a review of pathophysiology and approach to the affected patient

Robert Arnce MD, Assistant Professor, Primary Care - Joplin, Lukas Moore, DO GME Resident, & Greg Stahl, Research Associate - JoplinCompliance with SEP-1 guidelines is associated with improved outcomes for septic shock but not for severe sepsis

New Books

Hitting Pause, a book presented during a faculty development session, is now available at KCU Libraries!

Please reach out to request it by emailing (for both KC and Joplin) or stop in to see if it is currently available to check out.

See full list of New Resources here

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